Sailing course for Bangkok students teaches initiative and physical skills

Students from Panyothai Secondary School in Bangkok set sail
in Sattahip as part of their life experiences curriculum.

Patcharapol Panrak
A group of secondary school children from Bangkok has attended a course on sailing at Dongtan Bay as part of the school curriculum on developing the initiative and character of its students.
The course began on February 29, with Porn Phan-Osot and other teachers responsible for the life experience curriculum at Panyothai Secondary School in Saimai, Bangkok, bringing 11 boys and seven girls from secondary school classes 2 and 3 to study at the Sailing Association of Thailand in Dongtan Bay, Sattahip.
The children learned both theory and practical application, taught by a Sailing Association trainer.
Porn said that the life experience curriculum focuses on the development of personal ability and efficiency, which will in turn create readiness for the children for their adult lives and their careers. The administrators and teachers at Panyothai Secondary School use both direct and indirect methods.
Porn said that sailing is an appropriate sport to teach students initiative and physical skills, along with the benefits of being outdoors in a natural environment. Training was singly and in pairs, showing them the value of teamwork.

Secondary school students first learn about setting up the rigging.