Our Staff

Even with the loftiest principles, the best of intention, or the most advanced approach, all would fail if those on the implementation end refuse to develop and change themselves. Panyotai's achievements have been possible thanks to the dedication of the staff who strive to turn concepts into implementation, turning ideals into realities.

Panyotai teachers come from many walks of life and are united in their endeavour to provide holistic, healing Waldorf education and to nurture a clear and responsible sense of self in children.

Those who became our teachers were not people who merely looked for work or material gains. Most had themselves been through a road of self searching, and that road led them to Panyotai. They are drawn by the dedicated work for the sound development of children and wish to serve, to contribute in a meaningful way to the healing of humankind through their lives and work. They joined us because they thought of work being done here as a process of fostering humanity for both themselves as well as for the children.

In becoming teachers, all are bound with a commitment to try their best in developing themselves in order to become good role models for the children. All teachers hold an academic degree (BA, MA, or PhD) in addition to being trained in the philosophy and methods of Waldorf pedagogy. All the teachers share a major duty of devoting themselves to teaching and coordinating with parents to maximise Waldorf education for the children.

All pedagogical concerns are the responsibility of the faculty. Day to day responsibility for the management and administration as well as for the pedagogical integrity and direction of the school rest with the College of Teachers.