Realizing that the well-being of our children and the health of our society are greatly influenced by education, Panyotai was born out of a commitment to provide an education which enables youngsters to fully develop as human beings. We work together to give the children our best efforts in preparation for their future.

In achieving this task, we are guided by Rudolf Steiner's indications derived from his insight into human nature, adapting them to the cultural tradition, social context, and the needs of youth in contemporary Buddhist Thailand. It started out of concern about the devastating effects the forces of materialism have upon the health and development of children.

Concern for abused children and orphans has led to the weekend outreach program providing artistic activities to them while the wish to enable children to enjoy a healthy childhood and to grow into a whole human being has led to the founding of Panyotai in the belief that good education can heal society.

Sceptical of the conventional education system in which rote learning and competition take top priority has drawn more and more parents to this innovative approach, some of whom have become teachers. Panyotai enjoys strong support from the parents and commitment from the staff.

The school has grown steadily since its inception in 1996 from a few children to currently 300 ranging from kindergarten to grade 12, adding one class level a year with the first high school graduation in 2010.